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The Funny MMA Blog

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is currently the fastest growing sport in the US, with many mma blogs popping up all over the place the MMA Humor takes a different look at the sport.Rather than just the same ol everyday news this blog offers MMA HUMOR!!

So sit back and enjoy funny mma pics,Fedor funny pics, funny mma gifs and videos. Here you can also find funny mma shirts that take a different look at MMA, a look at the lighter side of MMA. Enjoy the funny MMA blog! Our mission is to make the mma fan laugh!  If we make you laugh show your appreciation by visiting our sponcors and partners on the sidebar as well as the mma shirts shop.

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4 Amazing MMA Photoshops

Funny MMA Pics

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Fights between Humans and Animals

Man Vs Bear, Man vs Crocodile, Man vs Kangaroo, Pig Wrestling, Man Vs Giand

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Jon Jones is The Force

Jon Jones with Fedor legs

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Random Funny MMA Pics

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MMA Hollywood

Funny MMA Pics & Photoshops

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Ultimate Don Frye Funny Video

Don Frye: The Manliest Man on the Planet

A quick homage to the hilarious commentary of a man that is truly a dying breed.


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Hilarious MMA Fail

MMA Backflip Fail Off The Cage

A funny MMA Fail video. If someone has more info on the event or the retarted fighter please post.



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Gina Carano Fart Video

Gina Carano gets farted on – Original Video

Lmao funny stuff.


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Anderson Silva Dance Academy


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Anthony Pettis Kick

Pettis Kick WEC 53 | A kick for the ages

Anthony Pettis thrown a kick for the ages at WEC 53.The kick all but defies description: Pettis jumped into the air, pushed off the fence with his foot and landed an incredible head kick at the end of the fifth round, putting an emphatic ending on his unanimous decision victory. The kick looked like something out of a martial arts movie, but Pettis said it’s something he and his coach have been working on.

Anthony Pettis Vs Ben Henderson In the closing minute of a memorable five-round affair, with the outcome still very much in doubt, Pettis ran up the side of the cage, sprang forward in one fluid motion and delivered a clean kick to the head of WEC lightweight king Ben Henderson.The blow dropped the champion flat, and though it did not finish the fight, it paved the way to a unanimous decision for Pettis. Pettis kick is going to be included in mma highlights for years to come.

This  particular maneuver performed by Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis has the internet buzzing.

Anthony Pettis Awesome Kick



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