MMA Affiliates

Earn Cash through your blog, MySpace or website!!!

Since this blog is affiliated with (MMA Tee Shirts store), I will give you some tips on how to earn some extra cash EASY*!

*If the content of your website is mma related and you have a high number of visitors then you ‘ll start making money in no time!

A quick guide on the mma affiliation programe

Joining the affiliate program will allow you to create a new stream of revenue, without any of the normal headaches. There are no products to stock and NO FEES TO PAY!

The basic idea is that you recieve a commission payment for every sale you refer via the affiliate banner on your website!

This is very simple…

  • Join the CafePress Affiliate Program powered by Commission Junction.
  • Post a banner to link on your Web site.
  • Collect your check from the mail

To signup & get the banners Click Here

mmatees Affiliate Banner

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