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Top MMA Gifs of 2010

These are the most notable mma gifs of 2010. All of these funny mma gifs are from

Enjoy some GSP dancing in Philippines, the world ending due to Fedors tap, MMA Fails, Double rainbow and the infamous Brock Spining move.


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Hilarious MMA Training

ESPN MMA Georges St. Pierre’s Mascot Self-Defense Training

Georges St. Pierre teaches the Princeton Tiger and the UConn Husky the hard-hitting techniques that he’s shared with hundreds of mascots world wide.

ESPN releases Georges St. Pierre’s Mascot Self-Defense Training as a promotion for Saturday’s upcoming UFC 124: St. Pierre vs Koscheck II. St. Pierre shows the Mascots some great techniques such as the superman punch, and the arm drag which does include pulling the tail and kicking of course.

Memorable Georges St. Pierre quotes:
“If a mascot has a tail, use it.”

“Remember mascots, the harder the training, the easier the fight…”



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Funny GSP video | Must See

GSP is the Jean Claude Van Damme 2.0

When you think back to movies like Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Lionheart you can’t help remember the skills and swagger of Jean Claude Van Damme. Though most argue that Van Damme was a hyped up ballerina, his portrayal as Frank Dux in Bloodsport may have been one of the baddest dudes ever in a Martial Art movie, especially at that time. He dominated everyone…everyone! The Kumite saw “Dux” destroy everyone quickly, demonstrating the “dim mak,” and even winning a battle in the old game of Karate Champ.  Remember that one?  “Ready…Fight!” Good times. Even though it was the movies, Van Damme continued on with characters “Leon” and “Kurt” in Lionheart and Kickboxer.  A cool, bad ass, French Martial Artist who ran through opponents like he had to catch a flight in the next half an hour. Even though there always seemed to be cards stacked against him in the main fight, all it did was prolong the inevitable which was Van Damme ousting his opponent in devastating fashion. Whether it was the chemical in the eyes, his brother being held captive or a broken rib, Van Damme’s characters were no F’N joke and his ability shined through at just how dominant he was. He did all of this, had a great physique, cool look, and outstanding ability. It’s the classic “man crush.”  He could get the girls, whoop your ass, and be educated and humble in the process. Attributes everyone could desire. Georges St. Pierre has positioned himself to do the same thing.  The difference being…he’s doing it in real life! By Derek Bedell

The Real Life Jean Claude Van Damme

Part 1

Part 2



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Funny MMA Video

Clay Guida Burbs | Funny MMA Video

Video From Lookoutawhale

During the heat of battle, gas emerges. Burping ensues.


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Top 7 KO Gifs 2010

MMA Gifs from

Enjoy the top mma gifs of 2010. It’s all about the KO (or at least the TKO)

Paul Daley Vs Scott Smith

Daley KO gif

Dan Henderson Vs Renato Babalu Sobral

Robbie Lawler Vs Matt Lindland

Robbie KO gif

Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy KO

Jose Aldo Vs Manny Gamburyan


Cain Velasquez Vs Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Vs Cain Gif

Bj Penn Vs Matt Hughes

BJ Penn Vs Hughes



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Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar at UFC 121

Undertaker, Brock Lesnar Exchange Words Following UFC 121

If you haven’t whatched this you will scream WTF?!

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Dont be scared homie | Mayhem Vs Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz Vs Mayhem Miller

  • Nick Diaz and others jumped Mayhem in the cage after he requested a rematch with Jake Shields
  • Nick Diaz fought twice last year at 183 lbs
  • Mayhem would be happy to fight at 183 lbs
  • At the last StrikeForce event Nick Diaz attempted to assault Mayhem by throwing a water bottle at him back stage. He had bad aim. (there is video of this)
  • Mayhem wants to fight Nick Diaz
  • StrikeForce wants Mayhem to fight Nick Diaz
  • Nick Diaz has called Mayhem out for years

For more hype and trivia visit the official Mayhem blog. Dont be scared homie.


Homie shirt 


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GSP – Riddum Nation

GSP explains his Riddum… A funny GSP video from lookoutawhale

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MMA Punchout

Another funny mma video from lookoutawhale.

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