Posted by: mmahumor | December 10, 2010

Funny GSP video | Must See

GSP is the Jean Claude Van Damme 2.0

When you think back to movies like Bloodsport, Kickboxer and Lionheart you can’t help remember the skills and swagger of Jean Claude Van Damme. Though most argue that Van Damme was a hyped up ballerina, his portrayal as Frank Dux in Bloodsport may have been one of the baddest dudes ever in a Martial Art movie, especially at that time. He dominated everyone…everyone! The Kumite saw “Dux” destroy everyone quickly, demonstrating the “dim mak,” and even winning a battle in the old game of Karate Champ.  Remember that one?  “Ready…Fight!” Good times. Even though it was the movies, Van Damme continued on with characters “Leon” and “Kurt” in Lionheart and Kickboxer.  A cool, bad ass, French Martial Artist who ran through opponents like he had to catch a flight in the next half an hour. Even though there always seemed to be cards stacked against him in the main fight, all it did was prolong the inevitable which was Van Damme ousting his opponent in devastating fashion. Whether it was the chemical in the eyes, his brother being held captive or a broken rib, Van Damme’s characters were no F’N joke and his ability shined through at just how dominant he was. He did all of this, had a great physique, cool look, and outstanding ability. It’s the classic “man crush.”  He could get the girls, whoop your ass, and be educated and humble in the process. Attributes everyone could desire. Georges St. Pierre has positioned himself to do the same thing.  The difference being…he’s doing it in real life! By Derek Bedell

The Real Life Jean Claude Van Damme

Part 1

Part 2



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